Drug trafficking is a serious crime. Do you understand the laws that apply in Western Australia to offences that result in offenders being declared a drug trafficker? Are you aware of the potential harsh consequences that flow from a person being declared a drug trafficker? Speak to a criminal lawyer at Legal Pathways for expert advice.


The impact of a drug trafficking declaration


In WA, people convicted of a serious drug offence can be declared a drug trafficker, even if it is a first offence. The amount of drug involved will determine whether the court will make a drug trafficker declaration. People convicted of two or more serious drug convictions in a decade, can also be declared a drug trafficker.


If a person is declared a drug trafficker it can have serious consequences on many aspects of life, including employment opportunities and travel. More importantly, if the court declares a person a drug trafficker, they may have all their assets seized by the State, including assets that have been legitimately acquired through non-criminal activities. The Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000 In WA allows seizure of assets when the declaration has been made.


Being declared a drug trafficker is not a charge, but follows on from one or more guilty verdicts. As criminal lawyers in Australia, we first focus on the criminal charges that could lead to this declaration. If then identified as a drug trafficker, we can assist with your appeal or your objection to any freezing notice or confiscation application.



Why you need Legal Pathways


Serious drug offences (eg possession with intent to sell/supply) come with serious penalties.  The maximum penalty for serious drug offences (involving trafficable quantities – above 28gms) is life imprisonment and/or $100,000 fine. If you are charged with a serious drug offence, you need the top criminal lawyers in Perth to look at your case.


Our team of lawyers at Legal Pathways have expertise in law and forensic evidence. We understand the WA legal system and work hard to provide exemplary representation to ensure the absolute best outcome for every one of our clients.


We are experienced in running drug related criminal trials as well as representing clients who have pleaded guilty to serious drug offences. Our criminal defence lawyers make sure all relevant points are brought to the attention of the court, including matters personal to our clients as well as any explanation as to why the offending occurred. We always ensure the court is fully aware of our client’s story.


Legal Pathways can help you with all legal matters relating to prohibited drugs. Each case is different. Reach out to our Perth criminal lawyers and solicitors to organise a consultation.

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