At Legal Pathways we have the expertise to conduct forensic case reviews which may be required prior to trial or as part of the appeal process. Our expertise lies in DNA, blood pattern analysis, fingerprint analysis, digital forensics, ballistics, crime scene examination and more.

We are able to offer, as part of our comprehensive and unparalleled service, the following:

  • Thorough and critical review of the case material
  • Assess the interpretation of the exhibits examined and any ensuing scientific tests within the context of the circumstances of both the event and subsequent investigation
  • Examine the integrity and continuity of exhibits and check for the likelihood of any potential contamination
  • Examine the adherence to specified quality systems both within the laboratory and at the crime scene
  • Examine witness, police and scientific statements to ensure there is continuity with the forensic evidence
  • Review the entire end to end process of a criminal case
  • Reconstruct the events of a crime to ensure the evidence is relevant and “makes sense”
  • Critique original results and more importantly the interpretation of these results
  • Provide new avenues for scientific investigation
  • Advise on the use of new forensic science technologies

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